Proud to be asked to play the leadguitar on the track V838 on SLOW BURN 1, the new excellent album of FRACTAL MIRROR.

February 2015

Radiostation Sympho Shop gave attention to THE COUCH by broadcasting the track DUST.

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December 2017

KRONIEK van ODERAN 3 voltooit sciencefiction trilogie

Met KRONIEK van ODERAN 3 is de trilogie over de belevenissen van de eerste kolonisatiemissie naar de planeet Oderan voltooid.

December 2016

KRONIEK van ODERAN 2 is uit!

Nieuwe belevenissen van de eerste koloniale missie op de planneet Oderan. SF Terra noemde het eerste boek 'een pareltje in het SF-genre'.

June 2015

Interview and airplay on Paperlate Radio.

DJ André Steijns had some interesting questions and let the listeners enjoy Werther part 2 and Buddha from the album THE COUCH and from the album ROFLORÉ the track Mysterious Allurement.

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May 2015

Math Lemmen placed a review of THE COUCH on the website of Progwereld .

When you are working as a psychologist, in music strongly influenced by the symphonic rock and record an album with the title "The Couch", according to me the point is made. So don't expect exuberant symphonic rock. The sympho-influences that you hear on this album are more in line with that of Anthony Phillips, Camel and the quieter work of Steve Hackett. Overall, I have listened to "The Couch" with joy. The pleasant listening experience was, however, disturbed in the song Dust, around 1:10 ...

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April 2015

Paperlate Radio, a progrock radioprogramme, broadcasting from Tholen (Holland), gave airplay to THE COUCH with the tracks WERTHER part 2 and HEDWIG.

DJ André Steijns had some very nice comments. Thank you, André!

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April 2015

Review The Couch in iOPages no. 128 by René Yedema

... the 'whispersympho'  is back. Fans of Anthony Phillips' series Private Parts & Pieces, the quiet passages of Genesis' Trespass and the subtle play on the older records of Steve Hackett, Al Stewart and Bo Hansson can surrender themselves, relaxing in the warm, rooted in the seventies, music of the classically trained Swart.

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January 8th 2015

Airplay: Werther as 'Dutch Treat' in Jawdy's Basement!

For this American progrock radioshow (from New Jersey) Wouter van Hal every week proposes a progrock track from a Dutch artist. In the first show of 2015 his contribution was WERTHER from The Couch. The longest Dutch Treat ever! DJ Jawdy spoke about the first meeting of Wouter and me in a local pub and spoke of The Couch as "pretty neat stuff" and of Werther as "a tremendous epic track".

listen to Jawdy's announcement ...

January 2015

The first review of The Couch, written by Rinco Ennema:

"For lovers of light music with depth, this is a must. Stories are sung with a voice that emanates tranquility. The narratives are framed with music that sometimes are reminiscent to the sound of a bard, a troubadour from ancient times and sometimes you hear a tentative attempt to symphonic rock, but it is never abundant. Enjoy."             read more ...


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